Use Your Voice: Global Collaboration is a groundbreaking music project that has captivated audiences worldwide, making its debut at #3 in the iTunes Worldwide chart. This collaboration brings together over 150 stellar musicians and artists from 6 continents, forming a full symphonic ensemble dedicated to promoting equity with love on a global scale.

The ensemble members boast impressive credits, having worked with renowned artists such as Hans Zimmer, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Elton John, J-Lo, Snoop Dogg, and Justin Timberlake. Their collective experience includes instrumental contributions to feature film and TV soundtracks, showcasing their exceptional talents and versatility. The project is an eclectic orchestral/world/pop hybrid, infused with cinematic underscore and visual artistic expression. The music takes listeners on a transformative journey, blending diverse musical elements and at times featuring arbitrary instrumental solos that add a touch of spontaneity and individuality.

What sets this project apart is not only its artistic vision but also its commitment to social impact. 100% of the proceeds from the project are pledged to be donated to the Guitar Center Music Foundation. By doing so, the collaboration is making a tangible difference in communities and promoting positive change through the power of music.

Participants in the collaboration include a host of Grammy, Emmy, and Guinness Award winners: Cory Henry, Tina Guo, Capri Everitt, Adam Blackstone, Gina Luciani and more. Each musician from every continent recorded their own parts and served as recording artists and engineers on the project.